Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery


The Monastery was established on 15 April 2016 and is registered as a legal entity under private law (“religious community”) with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia on 16 January 2020. (Registration number: 2656205000, tax number: 35038209.)

As specified in the Constitution, the Monastery is governed by two bodies, the Congregation of Monks (Sangha) and the Trust.

The Congregation of Monks is the highest internal organ of the Monastery, consisting of the community (saṅgha) of bhikkhus  (fully ordained monks), presided over by the General Guardian, who is also the official representative of the Monastery. The monks take care that all things proceed according to the dhamma and vinaya. Major decisions are taken unanimously.

The Trust is formed by a selected group of lay members of the Monastery. It is the working and consultative body of the Monastery for the non-profit management of the Monastery property. The president and the treasurer were elected on 27th September 2020 for a period of five years.

Director: Primož Korelc
Monishankar Singha
Dragoljub Blagojevic
Bojan Božič
Neda Bras
Martina Paradiž
Matjaž Piavec

Registered lay members are persons who are committed to the three refuges, follow the five precepts and respect monastic life. They can advise the Congregation of Monks (saṅgha) and the Trust.