Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Financial Support

Donations are needed for the Monastery to survive. They allow the community access to water, electricity, and other requisites.

According to the monastic guidelines (vinaya), it is not proper for monastics to accept money in their hand. A donation box is therefore available at Goljek Hermitage. Alternatively, donations can be send to the bank account of the association “Gozdni budistični samostan Samanadipa” (in Slovenia) which is the financial steward of the hermitage (registration number: 2656205000, tax number: 35038209).

For online donations, Donorbox and PayPal can be used.




Bank transfer:

For the bank details, please contact us directly. Thank you.

Standing Order

It is very helpful to the Monastery Trust to know that there is some
degree of regular financial support. Standing orders are one of the best
ways of ensuring this. If you are in a position to make such an
offering then you can do so by completing a standing instruction to your

Allocation of the income tax share of 1%

The Income Tax Act allows taxpayers in Slovenia to decide for themselves to whom they will allocate up to 1.0% of the assessed income tax, which the state of Slovenia allocates to finance non-profit institutions. Taxpayers can therefore divert part of the income tax, which in any case is taken from you by the state and does not mean any additional tax burden, to donation support to eligible organizations. Among the beneficiaries for this part of the income tax is the Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery (tax number 35038209).

Form for allocating part of the income tax – pdf

Until when can I express my decision?
– December 31, 2022 is the deadline for submission of Requests for allocating part of the income tax for donations for this year.

  1. How can I express my decision?
    Fill out the request form and deliver (send) to the Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery, Goljek 3, 8210 Trebnje. In order for your request to be taken into account for the current year, you must do so by 20 December at the latest (it is mandatory to enter the competent tax office and branch office),
  1. On the website of the tax administration ( you can obtain the form Request for allocating part of the income tax for donations. You can express your request electronically on the same website. Enter the tax number of the Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery (tax number 35038209) and enter the percentage (maximum 1.0%).

According to their monastic rules (vinaya), monks are not allowed to accept money in their hand, therefore, please do not offer money directly to the monks