Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Building Project

Samaṇadīpa Forest Buddhist Monastery presents a plan to build a new main house in Goljek Hermitage next to the old cottage from 1933.

Why does the Hermitage need to upgrade and improve the site?

The old cottage was originally built for a small family and not for a community of monks, lay guests and visitors. The central meeting space is 20m2, which is insufficient to meet the needs of the current community of monks and lay guests, let alone of (groups of) visitors. In 2020 we built an open sālā (kozolec), which serves us very well, but only in the warm months of the year. The monastery Trust recently decided that building a new main house is the most appropriate way forward for the monastery to continue and expand its activities.

The Masterplan Approach (updated May 2023)

The new main house will have two rooms for monks, a central meeting space of 49m2, a kitchen together with several utility rooms, and a gallery which will serve as a library. The architect has finished a detailed masterplan, which has been submitted to the local council for final approval. The estimated total costs will be around 200.000 EUR. However, we are aiming to reduce it wherever possible.

If you wish to donate towards this project please go to:

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Alternatively, if you wish to make a bank transfer, please contact us directly for the bank details. When making the transaction, please specify that the donation is to be used for the “Building Project”.


60.672,57 EUR

-2.822,40 EUR

200.000,00 EUR

* Based on the recommendation of our architect, we have updated our estimate for the new house project from 150,000.00 EUR to 200,000.00 EUR. The increase in cost is primarily due to the inflationary pressures in Slovenia. We have not made any changes to the project plans on our end, and the additional expense is solely attributed to the rising costs of building materials.