Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

About the Monastery

“Monastery” is the name of the religious organization in the Republic of Slovenia. Within the Monastery are a number of hermitages located on four separate lands. 

Goljek Hermitage

is the headquarter of the Monastery led by the General Guardian. The central Hermitage’s cottage stands on a slope of Goljek Village, primarily covered in forest. Near the main house is also a “Kozolec” (sālā) where – during warmer seasons – most public activities take place. In the forest are two monastic dwellings or kuṭis.

The monastery’s primary purpose is to offer a place of solitude for monks. However, visitors are welcome to come to talk to the monks (usually on the first Sunday of the month). The monastery also allows guests to stay (more info).

Viveka Hermitage

is the second property and is located in Kriška Reber. It provides more seclusion and privacy for monks and has an enclosed cottage with two bedrooms, and three additional kuṭis. This Hermitage is administered by Goljek Hermitage and is located 1.5 km away from the central cottage.

Nirodha Hermitage

is the third property. On the land is a house which is generally used as a guesthouse. It is located in Brezje, 700 m away from the Goljek Hermitage. It also has two kuṭis for monks. The hermitage is administered by Goljek Hermitage.

Hillside Hermitage

is located 85 km south of Samaṇadīpa in the Kočevje region. It has its own autonomy, is a separate legal entity, and is led by the Guardian. The hermitage is reserved only for the monastic community. More information.