Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

About the Monastery

Samanadīpa Forest Buddhist Monastery is the umbrella term for Samanadīpa Hermitage and Hillside Hermitage – both located in Slovenia.  

Samanadīpa Hermitage

consists of three separate properties located around the small village of Goljek. It includes a main house which serves as a central meeting place for the community, an open sala where – during warmer seasons – most public activities take place, a guesthouse (called Nirodha), and a more secluded area with several monastic dwellings (called Viveka).

The primary purpose of Samanadīpa Hermitage is to offer a secluded environment for monks. However, visitors are welcome and monks are available for conversation. Note that after midday most monks will have disappeared to their individual dwellings. It is also possible to stay overnight as a guests and experience a glimpse of monastic life. However, guests are expected to spend at least three consecutive nights and to observe the eight precepts during their stay. For more information about staying overnight, click here.

Hillside Hermitage

is located in the Kočevje region – 85 km south of Goljek village. Hillside Hermitage is reserved for the monastic community only. For more information, click here.