Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Dāna suggestion list

DELIVERY FROM ONLINE SHOP: If you cannot come to Samaadīpa Hermitage in person, you might find this option useful: you can order food online and have it delivered to the address of the Hermitage (Goljek 3, Trebnje).

Dana Suggestion List

Friends of Samaṇadīpa often inquire about what is needed. Please find below a list of helpful things and additional information.

Posodobljeno / Updated: 18.04.2024
The kitchen manager: Danny

Koristni živilski izdelki / Helpful food items:
•    sadje & zelenjava / fruits & vegetables
konzervirani paradižniki  / tinned tomatoes 
•    mleko & yogurt / milk & yoghurt
•    kruh & maslo / bread & butter
•    sir & jajca / cheese & eggs
•    ajdova kaša & prosena kaša / buckwheat & millet
•    muesli & granola
•    oreščki & suho sadje/ nuts & dried fruit
•    ovsena kaša / porridge oats
•    sirup / syrup
•    olivno olje / olive oil
•    kakav in prahu / cocoa powder

Ostale stvari / Other items
•    papirnate brisače / kitchen roll (paper)
•    toaletni papir / toilet paper
•    tekoče milo / hand-washing soap
•    sekundno lepilo / superglue
•    gospodinjske rokavice / gloves for cleaning

NE potrebujemo / We do NOT need:
•    zeleni čaj / green tea
•    testenine & špageti / pasta & spagetti
•    zobne ščetke / toothbrushes
•    vodo / water


Posting gifts to Samaṇadīpa from outside of the EU

If you are sending a gift from any country that is not a member of the European Union (EU) please make sure that a name of a monks is written on the package below “Gozdni budistični samostan Samanadipa.” We recommend that the value of the gift is not more than €45. Taxes, duties, and a clearance fee may be due and depend on the value of what is being sent. Gifts valued at less than € 45 are exempt from VAT or other charges. If the value is higher, please contact us directly. Thank you!