Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Offering Food

Our meal time starts at at 8.30 am.

There are three options how to offer a meal:

1. You can donate food to the monastery in person or order it online. For more information, visit Dāna suggestion list.

2. If you wish to bring a cooked meal, please contact us at least one day in advance. Offering food to the monastic community provides an opportunity to visit and participate in the lifestyle of the Hermitage. You are welcome to cook your food in our kitchen, though beware that the kitchen is simple and some people may feel awkward preparing food in a kitchen that is not their own. If that is the case, it may be easier for you to prepare a dish or several dishes ahead of time.

3. If you are living in Ljubljana you can also give food offerings to the members of the Foundation who can deliver the items to the Hermitage for you. You can contact Shila (LJ Šiška, 031 684 942) or Neda (LJ Center, [email protected]).