Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery


Samanadipa Hermitage

Sunday Sessions
Every first Sunday of the month bhante Phāsuko gives a talk on dhamma, with room for discussion afterwards. All are welcome. Location: Samanadipa Hermitage (Goljek 3). Start 1pm | End 3.30pm

For regular talks and discussions by monastics on early Buddhism, meditation and practical aspects of living a renunciate life in the modern world, click here.

Hillside Hermitage

For general information about Hillside Hermitage, as well as ebooks and articles by Nyanamoli Thero and his disciples, click here.

For weekly talks and discussions by Nyanamoli Thero and other community members of Hillside Hermitage, click here.

For audio files of Hillside Hermitage YouTube talks, including archived material, click here.