Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Newsletter – September 2022

Dear friends of Samaṇadīpa Hermitage,

The community of Samaṇadīpa is happy to share some news about recent events at the Hermitage.


Samaṇadīpa has a new website. We express our deep gratitude and appreciation to Rob Horsfall, who dedicated many hours of his valuable free time to create a new presentation of the Hermitage on the web. Anumodanā and please visit

As Samaṇadīpa enters into autumn, various work projects at the different properties of the Hermitage are being continued and finalised:

A few trees were cut in the small forest below Nirodha Guesthouse. They were chopped and stacked and are going to provide a little amount of firewood for future frosty winters. The whole property at Nirodha is now also fenced to give to kutis more privacy.

At Viveka, the garage kuti is currently being insulated and converted into an accommodation that is also inhabitable in winter. In addition, we are in the process of setting up a yurt in the lower part of the property to provide an additional living place for a monk. After the levelling of the ground and the building of a foundation, the yurt can be assembled after arrival (hopefully in October). 

In preparation for the winter and as Samaṇadīpa is continuously trying to improve its lodgings in order to make them more economic, new woodburning stoves are going to be installed in some of the kutis. We are currently waiting for the chimneys to be delivered. 


A warm welcome back to Bhante Saṅgāmaji, our senior monk, who returned a few days ago from an extended retreat period at Javorie Retreat Centre in Slovakia. He was accompanied by our long-term lay resident, Pavel. 

We are pleased to welcome Ajahn Ṭhāniyo (South Africa) to the Hermitage. He is the second member of the Hillside Hermitage Saṅgha at Samaṇadīpa and came here after staying in Serbia for several months.

We also greet again Anagārikā Medhinī from Ireland, who is kindly going to support us through the winter. 


The land for the future Hillside Hermitage in Slovenia in the Kočevje region has been acquired. Since there is still a lot of administrative work to be done and the setting up of basic infrastructure will take time, Ajahn Ñāṇamoli and Ajahn Ṭhāniyo are going to stay at Samaṇadīpa through the winter. 


The monks at the Hermitage are entirely dependent on the goodwill and generosity of people who share in the values of the Buddha’s Teaching and who wish to support them in dedicating their lives to it. The fresh Samaṇadīpa website comes with a new, user-friendly and safe option for making donations: Donorbox.

Any little gift is helpful and very much appreciated in allowing the Hermitage to continue to exist. 

If you are wishing to make a donation of food supplies, please find a listing of useful items in our Dāna suggestion list

Since the community of monks at Samaṇadīpa is growing, we are very hopeful that the plan of building a new main house can be realized. At the moment, 14.241,87 EUR of the total cost of 150.000 EUR has been raised. More information you can find on this page.

We highly appreciate your generosity. Anumodanā!