Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Celebrating Kathina Season 2022

The Kaṭhina Ceremony takes place once a year after the completion of the three-month rains-retreat (vassa) of Buddhist monks, which begins on the Full Moon Day of July and lasts till the Full Moon Day of October.

Kathina time is a special occasion for many reasons.

For the monks, Kathina reminds them of GRATITUDE: Gratitude for the support from lay devotees for providing the monks with the 4 requisites so that they can make use of the time available to study, practice and propagate the Dhamma. And monks renew their commitment to perpetuate the Vinaya tradition.

For lay friends, Kathina is meaningful too. It gives them the opportunity to make a lot of merits. Lay friends make merit on Kathina day when they:

1. develop faith in the Triple Gem, the Buddha, Dhamma, and Saṅgha by learning and practicing the Dhamma.
2. renew their commitment to support the Saṅgha, thus prolonging the Sāsana, the Buddhist dispensation.
3. help to support Samanadipa Monastery by contributing in cash and other donations towards its operation and maintenance.
The Buddha himself stated the significance of the offering of Kaṭhina robes in the Vinaya Piṭaka (Buddhist monastic rules). In the Mahāvagga it is stated that the Kaṭhina robe offering is the highest offering and the most meritorious of skillful deeds.

The Kathina festival at Samanadipa will be held this year on Sunday 6 November 2022. You are most welcome to join as in Goljek. We believe we are able to host you here even with the limited space.

Kathina Robe is graciously offered by Thai friends from the UK, and presented by Thai friends from Slovenia.

Outline of the Day:

10:15 – bringing food
10:30 – pindapata, followed by lunch
12:00 – The Celebration:
– Offering the Cloth and Requisites
– Anumodana Chanting
– Determining the Five Precepts
– Paritta Chanting
– Dhamma talk by Ajahn Hiriko

If you would like to make a donation by bank transfer, please click here. Under »Designation« chose »Kathina«. Also when you donate via PayPal or through your Bank, please inform us that it is your contribution for Kathina.

Donations this year will go towards the fund for building the communal meeting House.
We hope you are able to join us for this Kathina at least in spirit and that it will be a joyful time for us all.

With Metta, in the Dhamma,
Thai Friends of the UK
Sponsors of the Kathina celebration,