Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Change of the Constitution and names

On October 10, the Congregation of Monks approved the amendment of our Consitution. The change was necessary, as the old act prevented the establishment of constituent parts, the possibility of nuns living in Samanadipa, and obtaining visas for volunteers. The importance of the permission to establish the constituent parts is so that we can establish a new legal entity within Samanadipa, i.e. Hillside Hermitage, which is administrated by Bh. Nyanamoli.

To be able better distinguish between Samanadipa as a religious organization and the resident properties, we have decided to change the English name of Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Hermitage to Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery. In practice, when we talk about a religious community or this organization of ours, we use the name “Monastery” or simply Samanadipa. But when we talk about a physical location, we use the title “hermitage”.

So, Samanadipa Monastery currently has four hermitages.

1. Goljek Hermitage;

2. Viveka Hermitage, operated by the Goljek Hermitage;

3. Nirodha Hermitage, operated by Goljek Hermitage;

4. Hillside Hermitage, which has its own autonomy.

Because of this change, the community also decided that Bh. Nyanamoli becomes the Guardian of the Hillside Hermitage. The address of Bh. Hiriko, however, had to change to the General Guardian, as a representative of the religious organization of Samanadipa Monastery.

The Congregation of Monks