Samanadipa Forest Buddhist Monastery

Ajahn Nyanamoli becomes the Acting Guardian (the abbot) of Samanadipa

On Sunday, 11th December, Ajahn Hiriko temporarily stepped down as the General Guardian of Samanadipa Monastery to have a break from this responsible position. Ajahn Nyanamoli kindly agreed to step in as the Acting General Guardian.


He was born in Smederevo, Serbia, in 1983. He took anagārika precepts in UK in 2005, sāmaṇera ordination in 2006, and became a bhikkhu in 2007. His preceptor was Luang Por Sumedho. Ajahn Ñāṇamoli is the author of Meanings and Dhamma Within Reach. He regularly provides teachings on his YouTube channel. Previously he lived in various forest monasteries in Europe and Thailand, before spending over 8 years living more secludedly in the mountains of Sri Lanka. In 2021 he moved his Hermitage to a new and more secluded location in Slovenia with the help of Samanadipa Sangha.