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Doubt always remains present and it continuously needs fixing. But how to realize the ideal meaning, if not by following what others have done and by fulfilling commonly-accepted techniques and views? What is the real meaning of existence and suffering? Meanings is not a book to give direct answers to such questions. There is nothing here that you […]

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The Island Within

PDF | ePub | mobi get the book This book is about Bhante Ñāṇadīpa, an incredible figure and, for many, the ideal forest monk. We might read about such people from centuries ago, like the Venerable Mahā Kassapa, in the ancient Buddhist texts, or read about the more recent famous Thai forest monks, such as the late Venerable Ajahn Mun Bhuridatta.

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The Silent Sages of Old

Open/Download the PDF:   The Editor’s Introduction This small selection of Suttas is by no means comparably small in its importance and significance. For the realization of Dhamma is beyond any descriptive words or concepts: truth is not subject to measurement, comparison or classification. The Buddha and his noble disciples were skilled in the use of words as

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