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The Hermit of Būndala

“sabbaṃ būndalamunīyaṃ” PDF That is the dedication of the book The Hermit of Būndala. It says: “To all sages of Būndala”. It means that this book has not been written only with appreciation of what Ven. Ñāṇavīra wrote or spoke, but to all those who decided to dedicate their lives to the realisation of Dhamma. Some …

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The Island Within

PDF | ePub | mobi get the book This book is about Bhante Ñāṇadīpa, an incredible figure and, for many, the ideal forest monk. We might read about such people from centuries ago, like the Venerable Mahā Kassapa, in the ancient Buddhist texts, or read about the more recent famous Thai forest monks, such as the late Venerable Ajahn Mun Bhuridatta. …

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During this self-isolation time, many of people were barred from coming to the Hermitage to join for Dhamma teachings and discussions. Because of that, we were also asked to teach by online video conference, however that was not favorable option for the Sangha. To compromise with those requests and to take on a new approach, …

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